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All of Whole Earth Meat’s meat and poultry products are from within a radius of 300 miles of Chicago on small, family-owned farms whose standards are carefully monitored by our staff.   We not only know exactly where our beef and poultry come from, but we also have close relationships with the farmers and workers responsible for producing it.

Our quality standards are grounded in Islamic laws and traditions developed over thousands of years. These traditions demand the all animals be treated with respect during their lifetime, feed well with wholesome food free of additives, and slaughtered as painlessly as possible. So you can rest assured you’re getting organic, humanely-raised and slaughtered meat and poultry every time you place an order with Whole Earth Meats.


We believe that freshness is an essential attribute to any food product - but especially meat and poultry. So we deal only with farms located in Illinois or the neighboring states of Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin. This also helps us lower our carbon footprint by limiting the miles our food has to travel to market. Finally, we can exercise better quality control over our products because we are literally within hours of them at any time.

Grass Fed 

We’re working with veterinarians, farmers, ranchers, and others to get a better understanding of the differences feeding animals grass versus grain can make. Recent studies indicate that the nutrients in grass-fed beef are greater than those in cattle raised on grain. According to this research, allowing cattle to graze naturally produces meat with ten times the beta-carotene and triple the amount of Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids.  In addition, grass fed beef exhibits lower levels of unhealthy fats and dietary cholesterol making it a good choice to promote cardiovascular health.  It also eliminates the hormones and antibiotics used in most feed grains.


Organically grown agriculture and livestock are raised following a series of specific standards set by various national and international organizations such as the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). Organic farmers and ranchers rely on traditional and eco-friendly techniques such as crop rotation, natural fertilization and a limited use of synthetic pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and organisms that have been genetically modified. 

Following these standards generally increases the time and effort involved in raising food and the cost is almost always passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices. Unfortunately, today food may be certified as organic even when it’s produced by methods that are not that much different that those used to grow non-organic food.  But when you buy from Whole Earth Meats you know that the organic farmers we deal with follow the spirit as well as the letter of the law when it comes to organically raised beef and poultry.

Humanely raised 

The definition of humanely raised may differ from farmer to farmer but most follow these general guidelines:

- Animals are kept in a natural setting outdoors for most of their lives

- Animals that are kept inside are never confined uncomfortably

- Animals can graze in a pasture or foraging area

- Animals can interact naturally with their environment

- Animals are given food that they would naturally eat (grass rather than corn for example)   

- Animals are handled gently and with respect by trained farm employees

- Animals are slaughtered as humanely as possible

Humane slaughtering 

At Whole Earth Meats we use a time-honored, sacred slaughtering technique known as “Zabiha,” “Dhabiha,” and “Zabiha Halal.” Zabiha-Halal is a humane process that has been studied by experts around the world and found to kill animals almost instantly and painlessly. Combined with sustainable and biodynamic grazing methods, our meat and poultry are considered “Tayyib.” In Arabic “Tayyib” means many different things - all of which could be applied to the preparation of quality meat - “good,” “clean,” “wholesome,” “gentle,” “excellent,” “fair” and “lawful.” In short the general meaning of tayyib is anything that is good and pure.

Additive/Preservative free 

Whole Earth Meats prides itself on using only organic ingredients in our smoked, roasted, and fermented products. We never use nitrates, nitrites, or other artificial ingredients in our products.